Protective Wear

Gear Pac™ CBRN

Gear Pac™ CBRN

Be prepared for any haz-mat emergency with the Gear Pac™ CBRN. This Pac offers complete level B suit, gloves and boots for a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear emergency.

CBRN Overboots and Gloves

CBRN Overboots and Gloves
CBRN OverbootsCBRN Gloves

CBRN Overboots provide more than 24-hour protection against chemical and biological warfare agents. Their smooth surface, special compound and design facilitates proper decontamination. The CBRN Overboots are easy to put on or take off and are designed to integrate with a wide range of protective clothing.

Level A and Level B Protective Suits

Dupont Tychem Level B Suit
Kappler Zytron 500 Level A SuitDupont Tychem Level A SuitDupont Commander EX Brigade Level A SuitDupont Tychem Level A SuitDupont Tychem Level B Chemical Suit

HazMat suits are worn as protection from hazardous materials or substances. A HazMat suit is generally combined with breathing apparatus for protection and may be used by firefighters, emergency personnel responding to toxic spills, researchers, specialists cleaning up contaminated facilities, or workers in toxic environments.

Level A Suit - To be selected when the greatest level of skin, respiratory, and eye protection is required.

The following constitute Level A equipment; it may be used as appropriate;

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