Leak Repair

Drip Sentinel™ Hose Wraps

Hose Wrap

Drip Sentinel™ Hose Wraps

Does your industrial hose or fitting have a leak? Contain it and prevent costly leaks and spills that can cause injuries to your workers with the ENPAC® Hose Wrap. Made of rugged and chemically resistant material and an integrated sorbent pad.

This Small Hose Wrap™ will absorb leaks from hoses and fittings from 1.5” to 3” in size.

Drip Sentinel™ Hose Bibb

Hose Bibb

Drip Sentinel™ Hose Bibb™

Safely wrap quick-disconnect fittings or other hose attachment ends to absorb small leaks when disconnecting hoses from industrial equipment. Integrated internal sorbent allows for containment up to 1 pint of oil, hydraulic fluid, or other hydrocarbons. Tether closure system holds the unit around the hose and fitting. Units are made of rugged and chemically resistant material.

Bond Aide Epoxy Stick

Bond-Aide P-1500 will plug or seal practically anything that leaks. It will patch holes and cracks, mend almost anything that is broken. It is safe for lines carrying potable water and is excellent for rebuilding or fabricating parts and as an all purpose adhesive for metals, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, and many plastics. Also, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded, and painted like metal. Sets steel-hard in 20 minutes.


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Wedges, Putty & Stop-It "WPS" Kit

Wedges, Putty & Stop-It - "WPS" Kit

Wedges, Putty & Stop-It  "WPS" Kit is the new universal leak control kit to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of all containers.

Available in:

WPS - Wedge, Putty & Stop-it Kit


Pipe Plugger Kit "C-1"

The Pipe Plugger Kit "C-1"

A pipe-plugging kit that allows hazardous materials to be piped off (under a regulated flow) to an alternative location. "C-1" Kit, a conveniently-designed kit, prepares you to react quickly and effectively when hazardous materials escape from pipes. No complicated procedures are required and no additional tools are needed to utilize these pipe plugs. This kit contains vented pipe plugs for 1" - 4" pipe diameters, non-vented plugs for all other sizes, and tools for easy installations.

Series "F" The Roll-Over Kit

Series F

Finally...a kit for large holes that doesn't require wrapping chains or cables around the vessel. Patch is neoprene face with stainless steel backing. The support unit is all stainless steel. The "T" bolts are all stainless steel. Extra holes are provided in the patch and support unit to allow for leak puncture holes close to obstruction.

Series "D" Kit

Series D Kit

Series "D" Kit is our smaller drum repair kit with components to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of containers which allow liquid or bulk hazardous material to leak.

Series "AE" Kit

AE Kit

This universal "AE" Kit covers small to medium holes in any type of low pressure vessel. This kit employs our quick application twin T patch and our proven ladder patch design for your average forklift type punctures. Kit also contains various plugs and patches for smaller holes and all necessary tools and hardware.


Plug N Dike

Plugging a leak
Plug'n'dike granularPlug Pattie w/antifreeze

Plug N Dike is a nontoxic, nonflammable blend of high absorption polymers in a blended bentonite base that forms an immediate seal. Polymer absorbs over 300 times its own weight in water into a microstructure producing a seal against penetration of fuels and chemicals. Plug N Dike seals off gasoline, diesel, solvents and other chemicals.

Offset Patch Kit "A-1"

Offset Patch Kit
Offset Patch Kit

This new Offset T Patch Kit "A-1", universal leak control kit has components to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of all containers. Additionally, this kit will allow you to patch some holes that previously were more difficult, such as cracks close to the edge of tanks or supports, and cracks that toggle wings will not fit into. All necessary tools and hardware are included.

Available in:

A-1 - Offset T Patch Kit

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