Encapsulating Toilets

Wrappon Green

This innovative portable toilet based on an entirely new concept wraps and seals in waste and odours without using any water. Operation is clean and sanitary because waste is wrapped after each use. During an emergency, this toilet can be powered using a dedicated battery or the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.

Sewage Tote

Sewage Tote
Sewage ToteSewage ToteSewage Tote

The Sewage Tote. It is fully sealed, incorporates a lifting handle, is self supporting with a 4” PVC access cap, and is made from chemical resistant fabric. The capacity is 9 USG or 35 Liters.

Pacto Toilets

Pacto Toilet
Pacto ToiletEmptying the PactoTented Pacto

Pacto Toilets are the most versatile toilets on the market, requiring neither water nor electricity to operate.  Instead, a patented packaging mechanism encapsulates the waste after each use, which means that the toilet is always fresh, hygienic and odor-free.  Because of its unique function, Pacto Toilets can be used virtually anywhere in the world and in any climate. 

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