BioWick - Individual Kit
BioWick - Master Case

Rapid Fluid Cleanup

Small enough to fit virtually anywhere and is a very cost effective way to handle difficult spill situations. Ideal for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, transportation systems, offices, hotels, ambulance services, pet clinics, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, convention centers, etc...


Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "A"
Device 1 - Cylinder Valve Leak ContainmentDevice 2 - Clamping Device for Enhanced ValveDevice 2 - Clamping Device for Standard ValveDevice 8 - Patching DeviceDevice 8 - Patching Device

Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit “A”

Kit “A” includes devices and tools to contain leaks in and around the cylinder valve and in the side wall of chlorine cylinders, US DOT #3A480 & 3AA480. Note: The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit “A” is the only chlorine emergency kit for chlorine cylinders that is manufactured to the design specifications of the Chlorine Institute.

A-Kit Design Features

Spill Response Kit - Aviation


Spill Response Kit-Aviation is extremely mobile for fast response. 12" wheels allows easy navigation of hallways and aisles, handling obstacles and rough ground with ease. Perfect for indoor or outdoor locations. UV stabilized polyethylene container is weatherproof & hi-visibility yellow.

Forest Contractor Vehicle Spill Kit

Forest Contractor Vehicle Spill Kit

The Forest Contractor Spill Kit is designed to meet BCTS minimum requirements for large equipment such as skidders and excavators in a forestry setting.

Hydroflouric (HF) Acid Eater Kit

HF Acid Eater Kit

Hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive solution of the chemical compound hydrogen fluoride in water. It is used mainly for industrial purposes, for example, glass etching, metal cleaning, electronics manufacturing, etc. It is extremely hazardous as it can penetrate human skin, allowing it to destroy soft tissues and decalcify bones.

Battery Acid Spill Kit

Battery Acid Spill Kit - Large
Battery Acid Spill Kit - Small

Battery Acid Spill Kits (BASK) are perfect for industrial plants, warehouses, forklift parking areas and battery storage/charging areas.  The Battery Acid Spill Kit should be placed strategically for quick response to leaked or spilled battery acid.

Veterinary Clinic Spill Kit

Veterinary Spill Kit

This is the ideal kit for small nuisance spills in laboratories and clinics.  It comes in a zippered clear poly bag with carry handles.  

Vehicle Spill Kit - Canadian Petroleum Products Institute

Vehicle Spill Kit - Canadian Petroleum Products Institute

Available in:

Mercury Spill Kit

Mercury Spill Kit

Handle mercury spills fast - compact size allows you to store anywhere the threat of mercury spills exists

MRSK (MIS-1) - Mercury Spill Kit
(approx. absorption capacity = 40 ml):

DFO Spill Kits

DFO Spill Kits
DFO Spill KitsDFO Spill Kits

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