First Aid Kits

First Aid Kit

The first few minutes after an injury or medical emergency are the most crucial to determine the rate and duration of recovery. Knowing what to do in the event of an injury or emergency will help you stay calm and take the proper actions and precautions to help the victim have the best chances of a full recovery.

A first-aid kit well stocked with the basic essentials is indispensable. Choose one sturdy and lightweight, yet large enough to hold the contents so that they are readily visible and so that any one item may be taken out without unpacking the whole kit. Keep a list of contents readily available for easy refilling. Keep the kit in a convenient location. Make one person responsible for keeping the kit filled and available when needed. Quantities of suggested items for your first-aid kit depend on the size of your group and local conditions (image shown is an example only).

It is always advisable to stock first aid kits at work, home, school, office and also in vehicles, so that anyone can be equipped to face any circumstance that requires urgent care.

Some of the many First Aid Kits, etc available

F89BP240 - BC Basic P24 Kit, Plastic Box (11" x 11" x 3.25")
F89BR000 - BC Basic, Refill Kit
F89BN260 - BC Basic, Nylon Kit
F89BM010 - BC Basic M01 Kit, Metal Box
F891N270 - BC Level 1, Nylon Kit
F891M010 - BC Level 1 M01 Kit, Metal Box
F891P360 - BC Level 1 P36 Kit - Plastic Box
F891R000 - BC Level 1 Refill Kit
F0627100-logo - Nylon Rectangular Red Bag, 2 Pockets (13" x 9" x 4")
F892N270 - BC Level 2 and 3, Nylon Kit
F892M020 - BC Level 2 and 3 M02 Kit, Metal Wall Cabinet
F881N260 - Alberta 1 991 First Aid Pouch
F882N260 - Alberta Level 2 Medium, Nylon Kit
F0513610 - Metal First Aid Box M36 (9" x 14" x 2.5")
F953BM360 - Federal Government Occupational B, 6+ People, M36 Kit, Metal Box

F94603003 - Saskatchewan Level 2 First Aid Kit, Nylon Bag
F7920P360 - School Bus P36 Kit, Metal Box

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