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As the phrase implies, first aid supplies are intended to provide a first line of defense against the potential complications from receiving a minor injury. In other words, a well-stocked first aid kit can represent a preemptive strike against having to make an unnecessary trip to the emergency room for cleanup care or suffering the effects of an infection later on.  Should you have a First Aid Room/Area at your business or remote work location, there are pertinent items you should have available such as an emergency blanket (for prevention of shock), eyewash station, first aid room pillow (for patient support and comfort), splints and extra supplies for your kit.

Periodically inspect all of your first aid supplies to make sure items are replaced as they are used and that medications remain within their expiration dates.

Some of the products we have available are:

F3081100 - First Aid Book
F6503401 - Emergency blanket
F6084401 - First Aid Room Pillow
F2505160 - First Aid Spray
F/A Sign - First Aid Sign

70118E - Eyewash Station, Single 500ml

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