Land/Sea Marine Vessel

RME Land/Sea Marine Vessel

The RME Land/Sea Marine Vessel is a multi-functional boat ideal for spill response operations, cargo hauling, construction, diving operations, and general marine services.

The large, flat, work deck, drop-down, water-level bow ramp and exceptional stability make the RME Land/Sea Marine Vessel a perfect platform for a wide range of marine activities.

The RME Land/Sea Marine Vessel is a rugged, versatile, high performance, welded aluminum boat that is ideal for marine spill response operations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Large, flat deck and substantial cargo capacity
  • Full width bow ramp is virtually at water level when open
  • Shallow draft, superior maneuverability
  • All welded marine grade aluminum construction
  • Self-bailing, double hull construction
  • High transit speeds will relatively lower power input
  • Variety of wheelhouse/console designs
  •  Available with inboard, I/O, outboard, or jet drives

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