About Us

Quality Products

Rocky Mountain Environmental is committed to providing reliable spill response products, services, and solutions to the government, the resource sector, and private industry.

Our clients trust us as a valuable resource for quality solutions for their needs. We represent only top quality leading brands of industrial products, hazardous materials management, emergency response, safety, and remote site equipment.

Quality Services

Rocky Mountain Environmental provides comprehensive training programs for Spill Response, offered on-site at your facility. Our highly regarded, fully accredited trainers provide programs tailored to meet your unique requirements. Arctic conditions, tropical jungle or your industrial facility. Our trainers have international experience delivering training programs and can develop courses for any project or situation.

Quality People

Our experienced staff ensures our clients receive critical spill response equipment to spill sites around the globe. We have the logistical capacity and supply resources available to ensure the necessary equipment arrives on the spill site, on time.

The key to our success has been our consultative approach to our client’s needs. We work closely with the client to determine the most cost-effective solutions to their concerns.

Meet Our Quality People

Mr. Ron MacMillan

Brings over thirty years of experience in industrial distribution and management. Ron has held senior positions in several large industrial supply companies. He has been in the spill response and environmental equipment industry for the past 30 years and is the founder and president of Rocky Mountain Environmental Ltd.

Mrs. Margaret MacMillan

Margaret has been the Accounts Manager for the Rocky Mountain Environmental group of companies for over 26 years. She is responsible for all aspects of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Mrs. Laura Janssen

Our valued customers’ initial point of contact, Laura’s intense customer focus ensures a seamless liaison between client and supplier. Laura’s responsibilities include client liaison, inventory acquisition, and logistics. FYI She likes chocolate!

Mr. Brian Woodcock

Brian heads the contract department of Rocky Mountain Environmental. Brian’s experience and knowledge in the spill control- environmental field ensures our customers’ needs and requirements are met with the best possible solutions.

Mr. J. W. (Ian) Lambton

A highly respected trainer and consultant for the oil spill industry, Ian has authored numerous papers and articles ranging from Arctic ice to equatorial spill response situations. Ian’s knowledge and expertise will ensure the client is well prepared to meet all environmental obligations and regulations.

Mr. Laurence B. Solsberg, P.Eng. (Counterspil Research Inc.)

Laurence holds degrees in chemical engineering and environmental engineering and has participated in oil and chemical spill response since 1973. He has conducted spill planning and training projects throughout Canada, the US and South America as well as in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, Norway, and Russia. Sorbents, booms, skimmers, pumps, and incinerators are just some of the spill response technologies Laurence has researched, used, and evaluated. From his experience, he has been able to recommend the appropriate products to suit the requirements of many clients.

Mr. T.R. (Tim) Taylor, P.Eng.

Tim holds degrees in mechanical engineering, finance, and over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and educational system (Mount Royal University). He has experience responding to a sour gas well blowout and large saltwater spills. Tim has coordinated the cleanup of multiple oil spills and leaks and has experience in the Arctic with prevention and response organizations. Tim is experienced in teaching with 100 university courses taught along with commercial response and waste management courses.