Fire Safety Training

2-Hour Certificate Course

Are your attendants certified or do they require re-certification?

Did you know re-qualification is required every 3 years?

A ruptured car gas tank pours highly volatile fuel across your lot endangering employees and the public.  Can your attendant respond? What do you do first?  Who do you call?  Are you qualified?

In many municipalities, fire safety training is mandated by law. 

“No person may dispense gasoline or operate a retail service station before they are properly trained.” 

This course is Fire Marshall approved and designed to meet the requirements mandated by law.

There are 5 components of instruction:

  • Unit 1 – Know the Law
  • Unit 2 – Know the Equipment
  • Unit 3 – Fire Safety Facts
  • Unit 4 – Emergency Procedures
  • Unit 5 – Spill Kit Deployment