Powerblanket offers surprisingly customized solutions based around inventive graphite heat distribution products, providing a valuable tool for industries needing products to remain at optimal temperatures.

Greenheat is a patented heat spreading technology that revolutionized effective heat spreading. Powerblanket exclusively uses this technology in all of its products.


Some of the various industries we serve are the following:

Oil/Gas           Railroad         Sprayfoam     Coatings        Chemical       Piping
Valves            Instrumentation        Food Processing      Composites   Precast
Roofing          Dairy   Mining            Industrial       Construction             Manufacturing
Specialty Gases       Agriculture

Powerblanket designs and manufactures both standard and custom products in compliance with CID2-T4 Hazardous Location requirements.

Available as:

Powerblanket Drum Heaters:

  • Works on both steel and poly drums
  • Provides an insulated full-wrap design
  • Reduces downtime by heating product year round
  • Delivers a safe uniform heat to temperature sensitive materials
  • Preserves expensive materials without overheating or burning
  • Prevents product waste by safely maintaining consistent temperatures

Powerblanket® Tote Heaters

  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Designed to be durable and weather resistant
  • Provides easy access with a removal top
  • Includes an adjustable thermostatic controller
  • Safely heats and protects a wide variety of chemical and materials

Powerblanket® DEF Tote Heaters

  • Fully encloses and heats the tote and pump housing unit
  • Features an easy access flap to the pump
  • Includes a preset thermostatic controller to prevent overheating
  • Customized DEF bulk storage tanks available upon request

Powerblanket® Cylinder Heaters

  • Increase performance overcoming high vaporization rates
  • Provides an even heat distribution and full insulated design
  • Avoid hot spots or overheating which can damage expensive materials
  • Saves money by optimizing gas and material usage

Powerblanket® Pipe, Valve, and Instrumentation Heaters

  • Reduce downtime and increase profitability
  • Eliminate need for alternative emergency services or steamers
  • Protect instrumentation from freezing to ensure accurate data retrieval
  • Sustain valve functionality
  • Protect material down to -40°F/-40°C
  • Save labor and cost through easy installation and removal
  • Come in customized options available to fit your application

Powerblanket® Tank Heaters

  • Maintain optimal temperature for consistent flow
  • Custom designed to fit your application
  • Simple heating and insulation design
  • Provides ultimate freeze protection
  • Available in 120V and 240V
  • Protect your investment

Powerblanket® Hot Boxes

  • Preserve temperature sensitive materials
  • Quickly and effortlessly install the compact portable design
  • Localize heat and save money by not heating a warehouse or building
  • Lower costs with its highly efficient low energy consumption design

Powerblanket® Extra Hot Blankets

  • Thaws frozen ground fast
  • Removes frost prior to concrete pour
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Provides higher heat control when combined with a thermostatic controller
  • Saves time, money and labor

Powerblanket® Multi Duty Blankets

  • Cure Concrete 2.8 times faster than conventional insulated blankets
  • Produce cold weather concreting strength of 3,925 in 72hrs
  • Maintain moisture throughout hydrating process
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Prevent a freeze cycle
  • Thaw ground and frost from job site prior to pour
  • Reduce downtime & increase profitability
  • Maintain ACI Compliance for Cold Weather Concreting

Available as:

Please contact our office for assistance in meeting your specifications.