Aerosolv® Standard System for Recycling Aerosol Cans

Aerosolv® Standard System for Recycling Aerosol Cans

The Aerosolv® system safely converts spent aerosol cans from solid hazardous waste to a non-hazardous material. It accepts industry standard sized cans with a maximum height of 8½-in (215-mm) and threads directly into a standard 2-in (51-mm) bung on a 30- (110-liter) or 55-gallon (200-liter) drum. Body is made of low maintenance aluminum and all moving parts are 308 stainless steel. A non-sparking pin punctures the can, and the residual liquids flow into the collection drum. One 55-gallon (200-liter) drum holds approximately 4,200 spent aerosol cans. Punctured, discharged, cans do not meet the definition of hazardous waste per EPA 40 CFR 261.23(a)(6), and thus can be treated as recyclable scrap metal.


Attach the two-part combination filter to the 3/4-in (19-mm) bung to filter VOCs from any residual propellants. The bottom coalescing cartridge transforms residual liquids into droplets that collect in the reservoir of the cartridge and safely drain into the drum. The top activated carbon filter cartridge indicates saturation and serves as a replacement reminder. Economical, non colour-changing filter is also available. System includes a combination filter, safety goggles, and an anti-static ground wire with alligator clip. EPA compliant

#28202 – Aerosolv Can Recycling System includes:

  • Puncturing unit with separate plastic sleeve
  • Coalescing carbon filter RMP5032 RevA- ©2017 Aerosolv Incorporated
  • Anti-static wire
  • Safety goggles
  • Safety goggle

Size and weight: 18” x 18”, 9 lbs


Part #28224 – Colour Changing Combination coalescing/carbon filter
Part #28197 – Combination coalescing/carbon filter (non-colour changing)
Part #28223 – Colour Changing Activated Carbon cartridge (2 pk)
Part #28198 – Activated Carbon Cartridges (2 pk) (non-colour changing)
Part #28200 – Maintenance Repair Kit: includes puncture pin with o-rings, aeroprene gasket, bridge pins, spring and tube of grease
Part #28111 – Aeroprene Gasket
Part #28181 – Replacement Poly Sleeve
Part #28225 – Counter accessory for any Aerosolv Unit