Airhawk SCBA (#10043201)

Airhawk SCBA (#10043201)


The AirHawk First-Stage Regulator, part of a two-stage regulator system, reduces the cylinder pressure to slightly above atmospheric pressure. The Firehawk™ Push-to-Connect MMR (mask mounted regulator), further adjusts the air flow to meet users’ respiratory requirements. Through engineering advancements, MSA has kept both regulators simple for durability, reliability, ease of maintenance, and safety.

Carrier and harness assembly evenly distributes the SCBA’s weight over hips for comfort and stability. Composite thermoset plastic backplate is reinforced with glass fibers and features spine strain components. Shoulder straps with easy-release friction buckles and a center-pull waist belt system are also design elements.



  • Lightweight, durable, economical SCBA
  • Pressure-demand apparatus maintain positive air
  • Ergonomic backplate and harness assembly for comfortable, stable wear
  • Detachable components for easy maintenance
  • Easy-release friction buckles


  • Confined Space
  • Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance


  • General Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Fire Service

Available as:

Part #10043201 – Airhawk SCBA low pressure, MMR, PD, PTC Reg, nylon carrier & harness, Ultra Elite, medium, Hycar, Rubber Head Harness, aluminum cylinder 30 min, 2216 PSIG, hard case – Clearance price CA$550.00/ea