Alpha Skimmer

Alpha Skimmer

The Alpha Skimmer (floating weir oil skimmer) is one of the most versatile designs on the market. Made entirely from tough, corrosion resistant stainless steel, the Alpha Skimmer can deal with a variety of aggressive liquids at varying depths and concentrations.

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Floating weir oil skimmers float on the surface of water where the highest concentration of oil is located. Floating weir oil skimmers consist of a number of floats and a central intake weir. The height of the intake weir is adjustable, allowing the oil skimmer to efficiently remove thin or thick layers of oil or pollutant. These skimmers are suitable for permanent installation or emergency oil spill response situations, due to their light weight, ease of transportation and one person operation. They are suitable for use with a self priming pump or a gravity feed application.


• waste water treatment
• storage tanks
• leachate ponds
• sewage plants
• petrochemical processing
• ponds & lakes
• equalization tanks
• airports
• railway depots
• sheltered harbours & docks
• sumps & boreholes
• manufacturing facilities


• lightweight design – easy one man operation
• adjustable intake weir – enabling the skimmer to be set for optimum efficiency
• tri-float design – provides exceptional stability
• comprehensive range – available in four sizes: 1½”, 2″, 3″ & 4″
• shallow draft – can operate in 12″ water depth
• versatile – options include: Floating skimmer, Screen kit, Detachable floats, Guide rails & Mooring eyes.

Skimmer       Diameter       Weir Diameter       Weight       Max Cap.       Suction Hose
1½” Alpha       40″                       7.5″                  20 lbs       39 US gpm     1½” (38 mm)
2″ Alpha             40″                       7.5″                  22 lbs       53 US gpm        2″ (51 mm)
3″ Alpha             40″                       12″                    31 lbs      158 US gpm       3″ (76 mm)
4″ Alpha             40″                       12″                    31 lbs      317 US gpm       4″ (102 mm)

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