Angle Bracket Berm

Angle Bracket Berm

The Angle Bracket Berm design is a fully collapsible, rapidly deployable, fabric berm made from chemical-resistant materials.

  • L-shaped rods hold up the walls, yet fold down easily for vehicle entry and exit
  • Constructed of durable XR-5 fabric or extreme temperature proof Urethane fabric (resistant to -50 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Fully collapsible for compact storage and easy transport
  • Eyelet patches for staking down the berm
  • Fold-down design allows vehicles or mobile equipment to be driven in and out of the berm for storage or wash-down
  • Instant deployment without tools
  • Easily cleaned, folded and stored for reuse


Fabric Options:

  • XR-5: Chemical-resistant fabric
  • Urethane: Chemical resistant fabric for temperatures to -50 degrees Fahrenheit/45.6 degrees Celsius

Berm Options:

  • Drain Fitting – can be opened to let out accumulated rainwater, or connected to a hose to pump out spilled product
  • Rain Water Filter – allows gravity drainage of rainwater and captures hydrocarbons

Available in a range Standard Sizes: (Custom sizes are available upon request)

Part #AB10106 – Angle Bracket Berm, 10′ L x 10′ W x 6″ H, 374 USG, 33 lbs
Part #AB506015 – Angle Bracket Berm, 50′ L x 60′ W x 15″ H, 28052 USG, 776 lbs

* Angle Bracket Berms should not be used for bladder tanks over 10,000 USG