Barrel Harness

Barrel Harness


The Standard Barrel Harness is a device readily, easily, and safely secured to and removed from containers, for lifting and transporting. The harness consists of a combination of a choker and two brackets. The harness is totally adjustable in size and balance.


The Standard Barrel Harness eliminates strained backs, damaged barrels, and spilled contents. This easy-to-install (10 seconds or less) harness picks up barrels vertically. It can be used on conventional, plastic, or fiber-and-snap ring drums. You can also use it with cranes and overhead joists.


  • One person operation – no help needed
  • Self-adjusting fits all drums up to 55 gallons
  • Lifts all barrels with a lip or snap ring
  • Even lifts open and damaged barrels

Available as:

Part #3101 – Standard Barrel Harness – Clearance price CA$30.00/ea