Biodegradable Straw Wattle

Biodegradable Straw Wattle

Biodegradable Straw Wattles are an effective and economical alternative to regular Straw Wattles for sediment control. Consisting of tubular knit biodegradable netting made with UV stabilizer for high water flow and filled with 100% weed free straw. Biodegradable Straw Wattles are made to filter sediment flow in channels and slopes.



  • Webbing/Netting: Tubular Biodegradable Fabric 98%
    HDPE UV stabilizer added: 2%
    Biodegradable Agent: ECM
  • Colour: Green
  • Stretch: 41 psi
  • Shape: Diamond nominal .50 x .50 inches
  • Stretch: 17″ – 18″
  • Netting Mass: 5 grams/ft

Available as:

Part #BSTW0925 – Certified Biodegradable 9″ x 25′ Straw Wattle, 12/pallet
Part #BSTW1220 – Certified Biodegradable 12″ x 20′ Straw Wattle, 12/pallet