Body Fluid Spill Kit

Body Fluid Spill Kit

The Body Fluid Spill Kit is the ideal kit for buses, taxis, limousines, vehicle rental companies, arenas, community centres, clinics, 1st Aid rooms – for containing, removing and disposing of spilled body fluids.


Kit Contents:

  • 1 kg SpillCents Body Fluid Absorbent x 1
  • Pair disposable nitrile gloves x 1
  • Chemical splash goggle x 1
  • Anti-microbial hand wipes x 10
  • Absorbent towels x 10
  • Bio-hazard bags x 4
  • Collector pan with brush x 1
  • Microbial Mask x 1
  • Water/oil resistant, tough, nylon bag w/zippered closure & carry handle x 1

Available as:

Part #BFK – Body Fluid Spill Kit, 19″L x 12″W x 7.5″ H, 4 lbs