Bond Aide Epoxy Stick

Bond Aide Epoxy Stick

Bond-Aide P-1500 will plug or seal practically anything that leaks. It is safe for lines carrying potable water, and is excellent for rebuilding or fabricating parts. It can be used as an adhesive for metals, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, and many plastics. Also, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded, and painted like metal. Sets steel-hard in 20 minutes. Bond-Aide P-1500 is truly a versatile epoxy putty.


Helpful hints:

  • Bond-Aide P-1500 adheres to most surfaces. Best results will be achieved if area is first roughened by sanding or filing to clean and prepare surface.
  • Starts to harden 2 minutes after mixing. Repair should be in place before hardening starts.
  • A smooth finish can be obtained by rubbing with wet finger or damp cloth before hardening begins.
  • Bond-Aide P-1500 can be drilled, filed, tapped, sanded and machined after one hour of curing (hardening).
  • Can be painted immediately, even before full hardening.
  • Bond-Aide P-1500 can be used under water. Mix as usual and use the polyethylene wrapper, so material will not stick to hands as the Bond-Aide P-1500 is being forced onto the wet surface.
  • Not recommended for use on polyethylene and poly-propylene
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using Bond-Aide.

Physical Properties:

Density 15.8 lb/gal (1.9 gm/cm3)
Compression Strength 18,000psi
Tensile Strength 6,000psi
Modules of Elasticity 6 x 103
Shear Strength 700psi
Izod Impact 0.3 of notch
   -Hardness (Shore D) 85
   -Maximum Use Temp 3000F (1490C)

Available as:

Part #P1500 – Bond Aide 7″ Epoxy Putty Stick