Catch Basin Donut

Catch Basin Donut

Catch Basin Donuts , aka “Drain Donuts”, sit on top of grates allowing water to pass through to the storm drain while resisting sediment and debris from entering the drain. The latest versions have been designed to handle ‘High’ and ‘Medium’ flow. These newly designed CBD’s (Catch Basin Donuts) will prevent the pooling of water that is a problem during heavy rainfall and will allow for a much higher flow rate. One of the greatest features of the CBD, along with its easy installation, is that it is even easier to maintain! Once the silt and soil build up around the Donut all that is needed is a quick sweep and the Donut will become 100% effective once again!

Black = Low Flow
Orange = Medium Flow
Yellow = High Flow

The filter fabric wraps around the grate and is fastened with the belting and buckles attached. The protected grate is then reinserted into the frame support.

The optional winter/trash guard option has strong outdoor mesh fabric sewn over the donut to help protect the foam filter from ripping off during snow removal and grading. The fabric also keeps trash from entering the overflow opening.


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