Coir Erosion Control Matting

Coir Erosion Control Matting

Coir erosion control mats are one of the most popular options to prevent the destruction of vegetation and landscaping. Coir fiber mats can be used to stabilize a location and prevent slides. They are woven from longer coir fibers, which come from mature brown coconut husks. The weave leaves openings that are wide enough to let plants to take root.

Coir mats are flexible and can conform to the contours of your soil. They are available in many different sizes, which can be used to account for different rates of water flow and differently shaped slopes. On average, coir mats provide solid support for up to five years, which is enough time to allow vegetation to take root, grow, and stabilize. In addition, coir blankets and mats are relatively easy to install.



  • Long term erosion control (up to 5 year lifespan)
  • Higher strengths
  • Equipped for steep slopes
  • Open weave design for planting vegetation through the mat


  • Effectively manage changes in stream flow velocity
  • Provide channel and shoreline stabilization
  • Provide planting medium for vegetation
  • Erosion and sediment control on steep slopes

Available as:

Part #COIR40 – Coir matting 400g/m2, roll size 4m x 25 m, 100 m2
Part #COIR70 – Coir matting 700g/m2, roll size 4m x 25 m, 100 m2
Part #COIR90 – Coir matting 900g/m2, roll size 4m x 25 m, 100 m2


Stakes or sod staples can be used to anchor the matting in place. Please contact us with your requirements.