Cold Weather Tank

Cold Weather Tank

The Cold Weather Tank – also known as fuel bladders, fuel storage tanks, fuel pillow tanks, fuel cells, or blivots – is specially designed for liquid fuel storage. It is ideal for use with fuels that have a high aromatic content. The tanks are constructed from an exclusive, high-strength fabric with the highest production standard. The durable fabric of the tank always hugs the surface of the contained fluid so only a few square inches of the liquid are exposed directly to the air. This is an important feature for fuel storage as there is virtually no area where water vapor can condense and contaminate the fuel. Likewise, dangerous vapors cannot accumulate as the tank continuously adjusts itself to whatever volume of liquid is in storage. The improved quality of fuel provided by the Cold Weather Tank storage results in significant cost savings due to longer fuel life and fewer problems with the equipment using the fuel.

The Cold Weather Tank was developed to safely store and/or transport jet fuels, diesel, and gasoline (water or virtually any liquid) with up to 60% aromatic content in the most extreme environments. Other liquids chemical liquids this tank is suited for are petrol, crude oil, biofuels, and other compatible fuels and industrial chemicals.


Because they are lightweight, portable, and highly durable, tanks are more easily transported and set up in remote locations or unusual special requirements than their solid plastic and/or metal counterparts. Local, state, and federal regulations may require secondary containment when fuel bladders are used. Cold Weather Tanks can be built to virtually any size or shape and fitted with a variety of fittings, valves, securing straps, etc.

These tanks are able to be deployed in temperatures to -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit).


  • Humanitarian disaster relief
  • Agricultural fuel storage
  • Large-quantity industrial fuel storage
  • Public works
  • Mining
  • Racing
  • Exploration
  • Military
  • Transportation

When properly secured and supported, fuel storage bladders can also be used in marine and aviation settings for auxiliary fuel storage.

Available as:

Tanks are available in a full range of sizes from 50 to 50,000 USG and larger. Please contact our office for assistance in deciding on the best tank to meet your specifications.