Danger Do Not Enter Tape

Danger Do Not Enter Tape


Mark off restricted or hazardous areas with durable, weather-resistant Barricade Tape.

Barricade tapes are used to communicate warnings and manage access to work sites and hazardous areas to promote safety. These non-adhesive, brightly colored tapes are designed to catch your attention to reduce the risk of serious injuries and keep everyone safe.


  • Provides warning for physical hazards or dangerous situations
  • Acts as a safety barrier where standing structures won’t work
  • Lightweight, economical, reusable marking solution
  • Can be tied, stapled or nailed in place
  • Weather-resistant tape



  • Containment Areas
  • Construction Job Sites
  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel
  • Crime Scenes
  • Environmental Spill Sites

Available as:

Part #57004RR – Barricade Tape w/ Dispenser Box, 3” x 1000′ roll, “Danger Do Not Enter”, Red – Clearance price CA$2.50/rl