Diversion Tube

Diversion Tube

Flood control and flood protection, in the past, was accomplished by the labor intensive, logistically challenging process of sandbagging. The process of using sandbags to erect a flood barrier has become much easier with the use of the Diversion Tube. These water diverters are sandbag alternatives and are preferred by the environmentally minded and provide emergency flood control and storm water runoff control. The Diversion Tubes are used as a flood guard or flood barrier for doors, structure perimeters or as spill barriers for groundwater management projects.

  • Simple to use – one or two person set up
  • Compact storage – rolls up out of the way
  • Fast set up – no waiting for sand or sandbags to be delivered
  • Environmentally friendly – no sand or sandbags to haul in or away
  • Effective flood protection
  • Each Diversion Tube includes a 3/4″ flange and 1.25″ screw fittings for easy filling


Available in:

936-06X20DT – Diversion Tube 6″ Diameter x 20′, Capacity 30 USG
936-06X10DT – Diversion Tube 6″ Diameter x 10′, Capacity 15 USG