Drop-In Liners

Drop-In Liners

Prefabricated Drop-in Liners can be used for many applications. LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) is designed for exposed service and is UV stable. It can be fabricated into large one-piece panels then folded and rolled on a hollow core for easy deployment. Liners are shipped on a pallet with simple rollout instructions labeled on each liner. Each project is unique. Please contact us with your required dimensions.

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Flexibility – In addition to UV and chemical resistance, LLDPE geomembranes exhibit a high degree of flexibility. Greater flexibility provides increased conformance to subsidence and differential settlement.

Puncture Resistance – High puncture elongation properties make LLDPE liners ideal in applications where conformances to subgrade irregularities increase the possibility of puncture.


• Landfill caps / closures
• Lagoon Liners
• Canal linings
• Pond Liners
• Agriculture Pond Liners
• Mining Heap Leach Pads
• Raw water treatment reservoirs
• Potable water reservoirs
• Retention ponds
• Floating Covers
• Secondary containment for above ground storage tanks
• Solutions ponds for mining applications
• Tank linings
• Waste water treatment lagoon