Drum Collection Centers

Drum Collection Centers

Effective, compliant spill control made from 100% recycled polyethylene.

The Single-Drum Collection Center has a large diameter opening at the top for easy loading. It is ideal for storing, pumping, or collecting liquids indoors, and its compact size makes it the perfect choice when space is limited. Empty bases nest for convenient storage. Steel Dolly accessory is available for easy collection center relocation.


The Double-Drum Collection Center accommodates two 55-gallon (200 L) drums and is ready to contain any accidental spills. Dual covers can be opened separately to provide convenient access to either drum, or they can be closed together and locked to prevent unauthorized access (lock included). Durable polyethylene stands up to outdoor environments. Both collection centers feature big sump capacities. Fully compliant – meets EPA, SPCC, NFP1 and Int’l Fire Code.

Available as:

Part #28683 – EcoPolyBlend Double Drum Collection Center – 60 x 47 x 39” H, 180usg cap. 100 lbs, Black
Part #28685– EcoPolyBlend Single Drum Collection Center – 33” Dia. x 31.75” H, 66usg cap., 43 lbs Black


Part #28270 – Steel Drum Dolly for Single Drum