Drum Lifter®

Drum Lifter®

Safely load overpacks, pallets, collectors, and many other containment units with this steel product. The hinged design can be used with a crane or forklift and uses tension to securely grip and raise drums into place.


Salvage drum loading is one of the trickiest drum handling jobs. The Drum Lifter® makes it easy! Unique slim design allows the unit to be used where clearance is tight. Works great for general drum handling, too. The jaw has only one moving part, making the lifter practically maintenance-free.


  • Lifts 55gal open-head or tight-head pails and drums
  • Slim design for loading drums into salvage drums
  • 1,000 lb. handling capacity

Available as:

Part #3100-BU – Drum Lifter for 55 Gallon Drums, 1000 lbs cap., 22 lbs