EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed With Pallet

EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed With Pallet

EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed offers reliable and secure outdoor storage for intermediate bulk containers up to 48″ W x 48″ D x 53″ H.

  • Safe outdoor storage for 275 or 330 gal. IBC’s
  • High performance, weather-resistant design with eco-friendly, 40% polyethylene
  • Large 372 gal. leak proof sump exceeds regulations and protects against high volume spills
  • Two smooth opening roll-top doors with handy reach pole, accessible front or back
  • Unique, sturdy IBC pillar supports offer a high load capacity and are removable for easy sump clean-up
  • Lockable, dual closure prevents unauthorized use
  • Forklift pockets in front and back offer easy relocation (when empty)
  • Four anchor bolt locations for wind resistance. Accepts 3/8″ (95 mm) bolts (not included)
  • Ship assembled – no wasted setup time

EcoPolyBlend IBC Pallet is ideal for indoor use. Made of 40% recycled, polyethylene, it provides compliance to environmental regulations and helps meet green initiatives. Large 372 gal. corrosion-resistant, leak-tight sump reliably contains big spills. The sturdy internal pillar supports remove for easy sump cleaning. Forklift pockets front and back make it simple to reposition empty pallets. Dirt-hiding, black body keeps indoor facilities looking clean.


Available in:

28674 – EcoPolyBlend IBC Indoor Pallet, 40% Recycled Material, Sump Capacity 372 gal., 55″ W x 55″ D x 37 1/2″ H
28677 – EcoPolyBlend IBC Outdoor Shed w/Pallet, 40% Recycled Material, Sump Capacity 372 gal., 60 3/4″ W x 68 1/2″ D x 103 3/4″ H
28690 – Replacement Reach Pole
50963A – Set of two No 5, Keyed alike, Master Locks