Hazmat pH Stiks

Hazmat pH Stiks

Unlike conventional pH paper, Hazmat pH Stiks are designed for use by responders in the field. The robust 150mm plastic sticks, made for use in the field when handling with heavy gloves, have a large 25 x 25 mm high visibility indicator surface, which allows clear reading even through masks.

Conveniently packaged in an easily opened, resealable weatherproof cylinder containing 12 full range (pH 0 – 13) sticks and an easy-to-read indicator chart, the product is suitable for inclusion in any responder kit.



  • Made for handling with heavy gloves
  • Large 25 x 25 mm high visibility indicator surface for clear reading
  • Convenient packaging
  • Keeps your hands at a safer distance from acids and bases during testing


  • Testing the pH of unknown liquids Spill sites

Available as:

Part #PH-ST – HazMat Responder pH Stiks, 12/pk