Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agent

Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agent

BioSolve PinkWater is a unique, patented, water based, non-hazardous, biodegradable formulation that was specially engineered as a clean-up/ mitigation agent for a wide range of hydrocarbon products. BioSolve micro-emulsifies petroleum-based products by separating the long chain hydrocarbons and encapsulating the contaminant in water. This is a significant acceleration of the natural biodegrading process.

BioSolve PinkWater removes, eliminates and suppresses vapours from fuel, oil, grease, organic fats and other hydrocarbons from any surfaces. BioSolve technology as a spill response agent significantly reduces volatile vapors (VOC’s) on initial application with LEL’s (Lower Explosive Limits) approaching “zero” in a very short time, thus eliminating the potential for explosion and fire.


  • Easy to use, simply dilute with water
  • Lasting, therefore it is cost effective
  • Versatile, one product replaces inferior and/or dangerous chemicals
  • Once Biosolve is applied, the hydrocarbon degrading bacteria that are naturally present in the environment are able to more rapidly degrade the hydrocarbon material
  • Biosolve does not contain bacteria cultures
  • Biodegradable
  • Enhances the bioremediation of organic compounds making it possible to dispose of wash water into a plant’s activated sludge pond or to a POTW (with proper approvals).
  • Removes, eliminates and suppresses vapors from fuel, oil, grease, organic fats and other hydrocarbons from any surface
  • Eliminates sheen and creates a slip-free surface
  • BioSolve’s dual actions of emulsification and encapsulation make it a natural for degassing and cleaning



  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Vapor Suppression & Odor Control
  • Soil Remediation
  • Tank Cleaning & Degassing
  • Equipment Decontamination
  • Other Uses: BioSolve is also used in a range of related applications such as: grease trap cleaning, removing paraffins from oil wells, in sewer systems (without harm to digester bacteria) to mitigate an accidental release of oil or fuel, for shipboard pollution control, and more.
    Industrial Customers:
  • Oil Production & Refining
  • Steel Industry
  • Airports
  • Environmental
  • Military
  • Railroads
  • Utility Companies
  • Shipping/Transportation
  • Fire Departments & HazMat Teams
  • Marine Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Light & Heavy Manufacturing
  • Poultry & Meat Processing Plant

BioSolve is a concentrate and must be diluted prior to use. Always use BioSolve in accordance with Provincial/State, Federal or Local Approvals. The following dilution rates have been found to be effective in most BioSolve applications. However, since site specific conditions vary, adjusting dilution rates slightly may be necessary for optimum efficiency.

Vapor Suppression (Soil) 3% – 6%
Tank Washout (Fuels, Light Oils) 3% (Heavy Oils) 6%
Soil, Rock, Sludge Washing 1% – 3%
Emergency Response (Spills) 6%
Fire 6%
Bioremediation (Fuels, Light Oils) 3% (Heavy Oils, Crudes) 6%
Food Grease Traps 5%

Available as:

Part #BIO1G – BioSolve, 1 Gallon Jug
Part #BIO5G – BioSolve, 5 Gallon Pail