Hydrochloric (HF) Acid Eater Kit

Hydrochloric (HF) Acid Eater Kit

Hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive solution of the chemical compound hydrogen fluoride in water. It is used mainly for industrial purposes, for example, glass etching, metal cleaning, electronics manufacturing, etc. It is extremely hazardous as it can penetrate human skin, allowing it to destroy soft tissues and decalcify bones.

It is strongly recommended to have an HF Acid Eater Kit readily available in case of a spill. Acid Eater Neutralizer completely destroys hydrofluoric acid using a 1:1 neutralization ratio or less with a variety of acids.



  • Acid Eater Neutralizer Spill Kit neutralizes hydrofluoric acid into safe organic salts
  • Nonhazardous, noncorrosive and biodegradable
  • Unique pH indicators replace the need for pH strips

***Note: It is recommended to have an HF Acid First Aid Kit available in case of skin contact with the acid. Please enquire for more information.***

Available as: (fixed kit, no options)

Part #HASK – HF Acid Eater Kit:

2 – 1 gal. jugs of HF Acid Eater Neutralizer
2 – PVC apron
2 – pair reusable nitrile gloves
1 – pair booties
2 – chemical splash goggles
1 – MSDS
1 – instruction sheet
1 – poly pail
1 – gamma seal lid

Dimensions: 12″Dia. x 19″H
Approximate weight: 13 lbs