Imbiber Beads®

Imbiber Beads®

Imbiber Beads are the only “oil sensitive” super absorbent polymer(SAP)currently available anywhere in the world.

Imbiber Beads are “engineered” to absorb/imbibe a broad range of organic liquids including: Diesel-Crude Oil-Diluted Bitumen-Gasoline-Shale Oil-BTEX type solvents and Jet Fuels plus 1,000’s more.

Imbiber Beads capture and contain the liquid phase of the spill, immobilizing the contaminants and preventing it from spreading to unmanageable proportions. Imbiber Beads eliminate free liquids and the secondary contamination associated with surface-coating sorbents such as polypropylene and kitty litter.
Captured liquid cannot be re-released by any means including gravity & compression once contained.
Each Imbiber Beads is capable of absorbing up to 27 time’s it’s own volume making it the industry leader.
Imbiber Beads significantly reduce concentrations of vapor in the air(up to 600%), to below Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) minimizing risk of fire, explosion or inhalation of toxic fumes.
Completely unaffected by water(hydrophobic)
The elimination of free liquids means up to 99% vapor reduction and up to 600% reduction in the rate of volatile vapor release over polypropylene. It is the vapors that support combustion and the vapors that are toxic when inhaled!

Organic liquids diffuse into the solid matrix of the Beads which causes them to Swell and pick up many times their own volume in liquid. They maintain their structure even in excess liquid. No special permits are required for use, unlike solidification agents.

Imbiber Beads? are the only color change indicating product on the market. They change from white to pink to red as the concentration of organic liquid increases.


Available as:

ENP-IE1421 – Pillow – 14″ x 21″ – up to 1.35gal per pillow – 5 per case
ENP-IE2135 – Blanket – 21″ x 35″ – 4gal per blanket – 2 per case
ENP-IE0742 – Mini Boom – 7″ x 42″ – up to 1.8 pints per boom – 5 per case
ENP-IE0077 – Packets – 7″ x 7″ – up to 1/8 pints per packet – 30 per case
ENP-IEBS505000 – Sand Mix – 20 lbs bottle – up to 1/8 pints per packet – 1 per case