Jumbo pH Test Tape

Jumbo pH Test Tape

The Jumbo pH Test Tape provides quick, accurate determination of acid/base. It can be used for a multitude of purposes, starting in the classroom and ending in the agriculture department!

This Jumbo pH Test Tape has the widest range available in a single pH Test paper. It can provide 14 brilliant colors to match all pH values over the entire range of 0 to 13. One dip of the test tape determines any pH with color chart checkpoints at each unit — no guessing! The pH Testing Tape separates the colours, so they are distinct and easy to read and provides maximum convenience at a minimum cost per test. A single roll dispenser contains a 50’ roll of pH tape and a matching color chart.


The Jumbo pH Tape can be used in conjunction with the Tri-Pac, the Six-Pac and any T-Pac configuration. The complete Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower is ideal as a multi-station hazmat decontamination system. In a matter of minutes, a three-stage portable hazmat de-con shelter is ready to use. Victims can disrobe in the first shower, be decontaminated in the middle shower and finally re-robe in the last shower. In case of mass decontamination, the compete Tri-Pac Portable Hazmat Shower gives much more flexibility to adapt to any specific hazmat incident.


  • Classroom demonstrations
  • Hospital labs
  • General labs
  • Industrial
  • Food service
  • Safety
  • Emergency
  • Agricultural testing

Available as:

Part #PHT-2153 – Jumbo pH Test Tape, 8oz