Manual Liquid Transfer Pump

Manual Liquid Transfer Pump

The Manual Liquid Transfer Pump rapidly removes water and other contaminated liquids from the De-Con Pac decontamination shower. The Manual Transfer Pump easily hooks up from the De-Con Pac drain to the Gravity Flow Bag, ensuring complete containment of any hazardous or contaminated materials.

The Manual Liquid Transfer Pump is reliable, rugged and lightweight transfer pump that is ideal for bilge or fluid transfer applications. The Liquid Transfer Pump can be used in marine or sanitation applications as well as for home or industrial uses.


The Manual Liquid Transfer Pump can be used with Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower. Versatility, portability, ease of use and privacy are just a few of the benefits of the Andax Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower. Where else can you get an instant portable hazmat system that expands with different emergency scenarios? The Portable Hazmat De-Con shower can be used as a single unit or staged for large scale events. The Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower sets up in less than three minutes or less than ten seconds when pre-staged. The Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower is lightweight and compact. This Portable De-Con Shower is heavy-duty and built-to-last. You can bring the Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower to the scene; don’t create another hot zone!

The Liquid Transfer Pump is made of durable, lightweight acetal plastic and accommodates ½” to 1¼” hose. The Liquid Transfer Pump pumps up to 10GMP and has a rugged aluminum handle. The clamp ring on the liquid transfer pumps adjusts to 12 different handle orientations and is available with either a horizontal or vertical handle. The optional aluminum clamp ring of the liquid transfer pump makes for added durability.


  • Includes:
  • (1) Manual Liquid Transfer Pump
  • (1) Garden Hose (¾” Dia x 6′ L)
  • Durable, lightweight acetal plastic
  • Accommodates ½”-1¼” hose
  • 10 GPM
  • Rugged aluminum handle
  • Clamp ring adjusts to 12 different handle orientations
  • Available with either horizontal or vertical handle
  • Optional aluminum clamp ring for added durability

 Available as:

Part #DCP-050-LTP – Manual Liquid Transfer Pump, 10 GPM, 5½” x 13″ x 4½” H, 4 lbs