Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Lockers

Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Lockers

Protect people and the environment and meet insurance requirements by storing hazardous materials in rugged, FM-approved Outdoor Safety Lockers.

Rugged, code-compliant, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Lockers are designed to safely store hazardous chemical drums outside. Please check with the local authority having jurisdiction to ensure all local regulations and setback requirements from occupied and important structures are followed.

Proper chemical storage reduces poison hazards and accidents, minimizes contamination of chemicals, and prevents unwanted, costly fines.



  • Rugged heavy gauge steel construction — backed by a 15-year structural warranty
  • Secondary containment — leak proof all welded sump
  • Removable, galvanized steel grating
  • Three-point keyed locking hardware
  • Natural draft ventilation
  • NFPA 704 diamond decal provides “Right to Know” information
  • Multiple static grounding connections
  • Anchoring plates for maximum hold down protection
  • Chemical and UV resistant coating, inside and out
  • Forklift channels for easy relocation
  • Meets EPA, NFPA 30, and NFPA 1 requirements
  • FM-approved — including sump capacity and wind/snow load requirements

NOTE: Exterior dimensions include anchor plates and door hardware.

Customize the locker to meet specific applications with a variety of optional features and accessories, including loading ramp, shelving, grounding kit, fire protection, and lighting packages.

Available as:

Part #911020 – 2-Drum, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 66 x 38 x 76″ H, 105usg cap., 982 lbs
Part #911040 – 4-Drum, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 66 x 62 x 76″ H, 120usg cap., 1341 lbs
Part #911060 – 6-Drum, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 90 x 62 x 100″ H, 148usg cap., 1658 lbs
Part #911090 – 9-Drum, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 90 x 86 x 100″ H, 208usg cap., 2101 lbs
Part #911120 – 12-Drum, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 84 x 114 x 100″ H, 269usg cap., 2442 lbs
Part #911160 – 16-Drum, Non-Combustible Outdoor Safety Locker, 114 x 110 x 100″ H, 346usg cap., 2959 lbs