Nylon De-Con Scrub Brush

Nylon De-Con Scrub Brush

The Nylon De-Con Scrub Brush works perfectly for scrubbing down suited responders. The De-Con Scrub Brush is ideal for scrubbing down responders in protective suits after a decontamination event.


This white Nylon De-Con Scrub Brush features tough bristles and is ideal for “scrubbing down” hazmat team members after the decontamination process. The Nylon Scrub Brush is 20 inches in length, comes in a white color scheme and features an easy-grip plastic block handle. The nylon scrub brush will not absorb odours or water. The De-Con scrub brush can be used for high temperature cleaning, decontamination and hospitals. The Nylon Scrub Brush can be used with the Portable Hazmat De-Con Shower.


  • Easy-grip, plastic block handle
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

 Available as:

Part #DCP-050-NB20 – Nylon De-Con Scrub Brush, 20” long, 12oz