Series “A-1” Offset T Patch Kits

Series “A-1” Offset T Patch Kits

This new Series “A-1” Offset T Patch Kit has components to repair punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rotting of all containers. Additionally, this kit will allow you to patch some holes that previously were more difficult, such as cracks close to the edge of tanks or supports, and cracks that toggle wings will not fit into. All necessary tools and hardware are included.

***Important: You must identify and know the chemical you are working with and its compatibility with the neoprene, SBR rubber and stainless/plated steels used in these patch kits.***



  • Offset T-patches for holes and cracks near edge of tank
  • Large Twin T Patch with offset T-bolts
  • Taper surface plugs with offset T-bolts
  • Ladder patch with ¾” foam backing instead of ¼” hard rubber

Available as:

Part #A-1 – Offset T Patch Kit for General Purpose Leaks
Part #A-1 NS – Offset T Patch Kit for General Purpose Leaks, Non-Sparking Tools