Boom Storage Box

Boom Storage Box

Boom Storage Boxes are designed to accommodate one reel fitted with 250m of oil spill boom, one diesel / hydraulic power pack, a backpack air blower, a set of tow bridles and a set of spare parts.


  • Used primarily for safe, secure storage of boom
  • Designed for quick and easy lifting and transport to job site



  • Solid aluminum welded construction.
  • Easy opening panel for boom deployment
  • Boom storage and deployment
  • Aluminum frame and panels are resistant to corrosion
  • Prevents exposure to sunlight, harsh weather conditions or rodents which can damage the boom fabric
  • Numerous configurations available
  • Holds 500-1000 feet of various sizes of boom
  • 1 per pallet

**For custom Oil Boom Containers, please contact us for specs.**