Oil Gator

Oil Gator

Oil Gator is a remarkable product engineered to clean up oil and other petroleum-based contaminations. Made from the lint extracted from recycled cotton seed, Oil Gator’s patented technology makes it a superior, cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for many different clean-up applications.

Oil Gator is a chemically modified plant fiber containing all necessary ingredients (nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous) to enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons by indigenous bacteria. These naturally occurring bacteria, known as microbes, are completely safe to humans, animals and will not harm the environment.

Oil Gator encapsulates contaminants, trapping the molecules inside its fibers. This is critical after a rain storm, for example, to prevent leaching of contaminants into the water table and destroying sensitive ecosystems. Encapsulation also aids in the bioremediation process, as the fibers lock in hydrocarbons, allowing the microbes to work. Oil Gator will seek to absorb hydrocarbons instead of water even in wet conditions. Oil Gator degrades unwanted hydrocarbons into harmless CO2 and H2O.



  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Natural renewable resource as the base for the product.
  • Odorless
  • Lightweight
  • Absorb up to 6 times its weight in oil/oil-based products.
  • Prevents leaching
  • Suppresses vapors
  • Treated to make less susceptible to fire.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Encapsulates
  • Bioremediates


  • Fuel, Oil and Grease Spills
  • Volatile Liquid Spills
  • Land farming
  • Spills in Soil
  • Surface Spills
  • Bioremediation

Available as:

Part #GS10 – Oil Gator 1.5 cu.ft  bg (30 lb)
Part #GAT-S – Oil Gator – 3L Jug
Part #GAT-P20 – Oil Gator – Poly Pail c/w poly lid and scoop