Oil Snare

Oil Snare

Oil Snares (a.k.a. snare boom or pom poms) are generally used close to the shoreline to recover bunker C, crude oil, and numbers 4, 5, & 6 oil. They recover 20 to 60 times its own weight, depending on the viscosity of the oil. Oil Snare utilizes the oil’s natural stickiness to entrap it within thousands of plastic tentacles. They are operative even in subfreezing conditions.

Oil Snares are helpful when used with oil/water separators. Use snares to capture stray globs of oil on the water; also handy for cleaning rocks and pilings. Oil Snare on a rope makes it easier to retrieve multiple snares. Remove oils from sandy, rocky beaches and marshlands or filter tidal flows from contaminated marsh areas. Rope allows them to be secured to the shoreline for cleaning. They are more cost effective than meltblown polypropylene sweeps. Oil Snare is hydrophobic, oleophilic, nontoxic or corrosive, non-scattering, inert and floats (will not sink) indefinitely.


Oil Snare is resistant to rot and mildew after long storage and does not have a shelf life.

Sections can be connected rapidly to form any desired length. Saturated or contaminated sections can be easily removed and replaced. Snares are packaged in bags. Each bag weighs approximately 15 lbs.

Available as:

Part #Oil Snare – Oil Pom-poms on a 50′ rope of 30 poms at 20″ spacing