Overpack Spill kit

Overpack Spill kit

This heavy duty spill kit is ideal for around the plant – place it and forget about it! The water tight, screw down lid and UV treated polyethylene overpack will last outdoors. With grab handles that make moving it easy, this container meets UN regulations as an overpack allowing this kit to double as a disposal container. This kit is also available in the wheeled overpack.


Available in: (Oil, Universal and HazMat sorbents)

OSK- Overpack Spill Kit (approx. absorption capacity = 231 litres/51 gallons):
100 – sorbent pads
6 – small pillows
2 – large pillows
5 – large socks
2 – small socks
1 – bag granular absorbent
1 – plug pattie (instant stop leak)
1 – neoprene drain cover
2 – disposal bags
2 – pair splash goggles
2 – pair reusable nitrile gloves
2 – poly-coated ChemMax coveralls
1 – Emergency Response Guide
1 – 95 gal overpack (DOT/UN rated)

Dimensions: 32″Dia. x 41″H
Approximate weight: 115 lbs