PermaBoom HD

PermaBoom HD

PermaBoom HD (Heavy Duty) is a rugged, solid buoyancy boom used for permanent or long-term oil/debris containment in and around marine facilities.

Extremely rugged construction and excellent resistance to weathering provide years of reliable, low-cost service. PermaBoom HD is perfect for oil and debris containment and for the exclusion of floating pollutants from sensitive facilities or areas.


Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy duty, high strength, PVC-coated polyester conveyor belting membrane
  • Marine growth and UV inhibitors for years of low maintenance, 24 hours per day protection
  • High visibility, unsinkable rotary molded polyethylene floats filled with closed cell urethane foam
  • ASTM or Universal style marine grade aluminum boom connectors to mate with existing inventories
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware

Available as:

Part # 10212 – PermaBoom HD 36, 50’ x 36”, PVC-Coated Polyester, 385 lbs, Orange
Part # 10259 – PermaBoom HD 18, 50’ x 24”, PVC-Coated Polyester, 280 lbs, Orange
Part # 10266 – PermaBoom HD 24, 50’ x 18”, PVC-Coated Polyester, 310 lbs, Orange