Where there is a risk of a hydrocarbon spill or leak, you need to have measures in place to prevent pollution. In some cases, a berm is necessary, but in others an oil-absorbent spill mat or spill tray can be used. This is where PetroPad comes in.

PetroPad is an innovative spill mat which uses smart polymer technology to neutralize hydrocarbons. Unlike other spill containment solutions, it retains pollutants permanently with no secondary leakage, spill or overflow risk.



  • Exclusive design absorbs hydrocarbons and transforms them into rubber
  • No leaks so no sidewalls or liner required
  • Water beads up and rolls off, uncontaminated by solidified contents
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Helps support your sustainability and spill prevention programs
  • 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Unrivalled retention rates
  • Cleaner and more practical for users
  • Reduces the volume of waste you produce because contaminated water doesn’t pool inside

Available as:

Part #83982 – PetroPad, Small, 18.1 x 24”, 1.2 usg cap.
Part #83984 – PetroPad, Medium, 35.4” x 27.2”, 2.8 usg cap.
Part #83986 – PetroPad, Large, 35.4” x 27.2”, 5.3 usg cap.
Part #83988 – PetroPad, Extra Large, 53.9” x 53.9”, 8 usg cap.
Part #83990 – PetroPad, Extra, Extra Large, 85.8” x 53.9”, 11.7 usg cap.