Pipe Plugger Kit “C-1”

Pipe Plugger Kit “C-1”

A pipe-plugging kit that allows hazardous materials to be piped off (under a regulated flow) to an alternative location. “C-1” Kit, a conveniently-designed kit, prepares you to react quickly and effectively when hazardous materials escape from pipes. No complicated procedures are required and no additional tools are needed to utilize these pipe plugs. This kit contains vented pipe plugs for 1″ – 4″ pipe diameters, non-vented plugs for all other sizes, and tools for easy installations.

***Important: You must identify and know the chemical you are working with and its compatibility with the neoprene, SBR rubber and stainless/plated steels used in these patch kits.***


Available as:

Part # C-1 – Leak Control Kit for Pipes, Internal Plugs