Plug N Dike

Plug N Dike

Plug N Dike is a nontoxic, nonflammable blend of high absorption polymers in a blended bentonite base that forms an immediate seal. Polymer absorbs over 300 times its own weight in water into a microstructure producing a seal against penetration of fuels and chemicals. Plug N Dike seals off gasoline, diesel, solvents and other chemicals.

Plug N Dike offers an excellent first response method to temporarily control many leaks and spills. Plug N Dike immediately seals and sticks to any rusty, greasy surface.

Plug N Dike Granular can be used as diking agent to control larger spills.

Plug N Dike Rugs are used to seal drains. Available in sizes: 8″ x 8″ to 24″ x 16″


Available in standard sizes:

P2-A – Plug Pattie w/Antifreeze, 10 oz.

1-PMP-A – Premix Jar w/Antifreeze, 1lb.

4-PMP-A – Premix Jar w/Antifreeze, 4 lb.

8-PMP-A – Premix Jar w/Antifreeze, 8 lb.

10-P – Granular Bottle, 10 lb/1 gal.

48-P – Granular Pail, 48 lb/5 gal.