Pole Mount Transformer Sac™

Pole Mount Transformer Sac™

The “Original Transformer Sacs”, manufactured and patented by Andax are also known as Transformer Bags or Transformer Containment Devices. Used by electric companies across America and around the World to contain leaking overhead pole mount and pad mount transformers including substation units. The Transformer Sac™ is manufactured in many different types and styles with several options including models for pole and pad mounts that include outdoor weather caps and multi-height units with built-in height adjustability. Choose from standard sizes or contact us for custom sizing!

The Transformer Sac™ was developed to assist you in dealing with leaking pole mount transformers. This new and improved product offers a complete containment solution from the pole to the repair shop… in one easy step.

The Transformer Sac™ features a tri-layer engineered base for full control of any leaks or drips: an ultra-absorbent core, a secondary leak-proof liner, and a puncture-resistant reinforced base. The built-in placement hooks assist the lineman while installing the Sac. Made in the USA.


  • Adjustable upper and mid-level cinches
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming cleanup projects
  • Built-in placement hooks fit over lugs and make installation easy
  • Compact size
  • Encapsulates transformers, minimizing potential oil or PCB exposure
  • Hook and loop side closure opens easily to fit over mounting brackets

The Pole Mount Transformer Sac™ now offers a new “safety first” orange color scheme, a full-cover absorbent core, and is puncture- and tear-resistant!


Available as:

TFS-055 ES – Transformer Sac™ – 25″ x 56″ – Pole Mount
TFS-065 ES – Transformer Sac™ – 36″ x 72″ – Pole Mount
TFS-075 ES – Transformer Sac™ – 46″ x 72″ – Pole Mount