Pole Wrap Pac™

Pole Wrap Pac™

This easy-to-use Pole Wrap™ protects linemen from dangerous and costly burns from caustic wood preservative chemicals used to treat line poles. The Pac contains the materials necessary (including PPE suits, gloves and goggles) for up to three linemen assisting in the extraction and transportation of contaminated poles.

Once the pole has been removed from the ground, the below-the-ground bottom section, previously treated with Curewrap™, creosote, pentachlorophenol or any similar fungicide or wood preservative material, is easily and safely contained and limits exposure time, by wrapping it with the Andax Pole Wrap™.

The attached cinches hold the wrap on the pole during loading and transportation and absorbs any leaks, seeps, or drips from the pole.


  • Customizable


Available as:

Part #PWP-5972-PPE – Pole Wrap Pac, 59 x 72″

1 – Pole Wrap™ (59″ x 72″)
3 – disposable Tyvek® Coverall PPE suits
3 – pairs of PVC gloves
3 – goggles
3 – pairs of hazmat booties
1 – disposal bag and tie