Poly-Rack System™

Poly-Rack System™

The Poly-Rack System is the perfect containment solution for dispensing applications from 55-gallon drums.


  • Durable, chemically resistant design
  • Holds two 55-gallon drums
  • Take your Racker to the next level with Poly-Stacker for added storage Shelf and Well Liner available for added convenience


POLY-RACKER™ Featured as the base of the Poly-Rack™ System, the unique one-piece Poly-Racker™ securely holds two (2) 55-gallon drums with a large, 102-gallon spill capacity. The deep dispensing well easily holds 5-gallon pails while containing incidental spills and splashes in a ribbed bottom without contaminating the sump. Dispensing wells have scalloped edges so pails can be easily removed. Poly-Racker™ can be transported by forklift and contains two (2) standard drain plugs.

POLY-STACKER™ Combine Poly-Stacker™ and Poly-Racker™ to stack up to (4) drums. Each Poly-Stacker™ holds two (2) 55-gallon drums and can easily be stacked with a forklift. Any spills from the second level fall into the dispensing well for containment and easy clean-up. When combined, Poly-Racker™ and Poly-Stacker™ create the most efficient drum storage and dispensing system available.

POLY-SHELF™ Save money while preventing drips and spills! Increase safety and efficiency when Poly-Shelf™ is added to the Poly-Rack™ System. Easily attaches to Poly-Stacker™ and allows simultaneous dispensing from all drums. A drain hole in the bottom diverts liquids into the Poly-Racker’s dispensing well.

Available as:

Part #6000-YE – 2 Drum Poly-Racker, 49″ L x 53″ W x 23″ H, 105 lbs, Yellow
Part #6002-YE – 2 Drum Poly-Stacker, 49″ L x 40.75″ W x 12.75″ H, 50 lbs, Yellow
Part #6003-YE – Poly Dispensing Shelf, 17″ L x 22″ W x 17.5″ H, 8 lbs, Yellow