Poly-Top Overpack Tarps

Poly-Top Overpack Tarps

Poly-tops prevent the accumulation of water, snow, dirt, and debris on overpack lids while protecting overpacks and salvage drums against weathering and long-term UV degradation. The high-visibility colour and clear MSDS pocket are added features to the Poly-Top that are made to fit Poly-Overpacks.

  • Extremely chemically resistant fabric has long life, even in full UV exposure
  • Bungee straps along the bottom keep the tarp in place
  • Custom fabricated for a precise fit


Available as:

Part #2030-TARP – Tarp Cover for 20 and 30 Gallon Poly-Overpack, 24” Dia., 1.5 lbs
Part #6595-TARP – Tarp Cover for 65 and 95 Gallon Poly-Overpack, 33” Dia., 3 lbs