Prowler Pool

Prowler Pool

Prowler Pool is the easiest, lightest, spill containment pool available. It offers excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals, acids, leaded and unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels and other hazardous materials.

Made of high-density polyethylene tapes and a low-density coating
Resistant to cold temperatures as low as -65oF as well as abrasion, punctures and ultraviolet rays
Half the weight of comparably sized PVC pools while offering twice the strength
Compact for easy storage
Lightweight and easy to unfold to become a self-supporting containment unit
Available Sizes:

5920-OP – 20 gallon Prowler Pool
5966-OP – 66 gallon Prowler Pool
5900-Op – 100 gallon Prowler Pool
5950-OP – 150 gallon Prowler Pool

HazMat Pool is an inexpensive, quick deployment pool that is small enough to be stowed on any truck or emergency response vehicle.

High-visibility yellow
Easy foldability and deployment
Decontaminate for reuse, or disregard according to regulations
Comes in its own 14″ x 21″ carrier, once deployed the pool dimensions are 60″ base x 6″H x 54″ opening with volume capacity of 100 gallons
Polyethylene base material that has an interwoven construction – extreme puncture, abrasion and chemical resistance
-60oFahrenheit cold crack
5901-YE – HazMat Pool, 100 gallon

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