Rail Mat

Rail Mat is constructed from three layers that are bonded together. The top layer is a black or dark-grey UV-stabilized needle punch and the core is blue, oil only, meltblown polypropylene. The bottom layer is a heavy clear impervious plastic that prevents oil spills from leaking through to the ground. Designed to fit between and alongside railway tracks, these 100% pure polypropylene mats absorb oil-based spills and repel water-based liquids.



Durable Rail Mat is primarily designed to protect railway yards or transport facilities from oil leaks whilst heavy-duty maintenance work is being carried out. It is also suitable for any heavy industrial application such as oil rigs or military maintenance facilities.


  • 3 layer construction provides for the strongest, most durable oil-only sorbent that we offer.
  • Will not fall apart even when subjected to heavy saturation and/or foot traffic over time.
  • Designed to fit inside standard railroad tracks.
  • Designed specifically to absorb oils/fuels, not water, during railyard maintenance

Available as:

Part #RAIL-58: Railroad Mat Roll, Oil Only, Inside, 58″ x 80′, 1 rl/bg
Part #RAIL-19: Railroad Mat Roll, Oil Only, Inside, 19″ x 80′, 2 rl/bg